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Simple and easy to use UTM generator and link shortener

Easily add UTM parameters and shorten your links for marketing campaigns and further analysis. Use dynamic parameters for Google Ads, Facebook, Yandex.Direct and MyTarget to get more data about where your customers are coming from

Get more data with dynamic URL parameters

Dynamic URL parameters allow you to get more data on your advertising: the type and model of the device used to make a click, the keyword, its match type, ad placement, etc. In the UTM generator, you will find a list of dynamic parameters for Google Ads, Facebook, Yandex.Direct and MyTarget.

Nice short links for posts and emails

Along with the UTM, Komondor will generate a shortened link like, which can be used for publications in social networks, blogs, third-party online magazines, and emails. All shortened links are permanent and do not have an expiration date.


Advanced analytics

Get more data about your paid, referral, and SEO traffic for deeper analysis

Parameters cheat sheet

List of all dynamic parameters for Google Ads, Facebook, Yandex.Direct and MyTarget

Nice links links look good when posted and don’t scare off with unreadable URL

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Book a demo, and we will show you how Komondor optimizes work on the online advertising

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