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From January 15, Komondor is completely free. Unlimited work with negative keywords from Jan 20. More Details...

Bulk automatic check of loading speed & availability of pages

Set up your website checks to never lose a lead due to slow or non-responding pages. Komondor PageSpeed Checker checks the availability of landing pages with a given regularity and controls that the speed does not fall below the limit that you specified. Massively and automatically!

A convenient way to add dozens of links

To add pages, simply copy the list of URLs or upload your sitemap. The system itself will extract links from the map, clear them of duplicates and start working. You can add new links to the same report any time you want!

Custom settings and notifications

Set speed thresholds separately for the mobile and desktop versions of the website. Specify how often Komondor should check your pages (once a week, 2 weeks or a month) and how you want to receive notifications: by mail, Slack or Telegram.

Reports and tech specifications for developers

You can not only set up sending notifications via email, Slack or Telegram; but also download the report after round of checks and tech specification for the developer on how to increase the loading speed based on Google recommendations


Bulk checks

10 pages, 100 or 1000 — Komondor will check as many pages as you need


If the page speed has dropped or an error occurs while loading, you will immediately receive a message

Quick and automatically

Set up the checking once, and Komondor will test the website as long as needed - until you turn it off yourself

How it works

Create an API key according to the instructions in your account

Upload a sitemap or list of URLs

Specify the speed threshold

Set the frequency of checks

Choose a notification method

We will let you know if something needs your attention!

Want to see how it works?

Book a demo, and we will show you how Komondor optimizes work on the online advertising

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