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First PPC Tool that will optimize the way you collect negative keywords!

Collect negative keywords faster with Komondor and the NegativeKeywords Tool extension for Google Chrome. Create your own lists conveniently, edit and copy in any match type, and store them in your personal account

Collect negative keywords faster

With the NegativeKeywords Tool extension, you can collect negative keywords and phrases by simply clicking on them on the page. They will be automatically saved to the list, and their occurrences on the page will be highlighted so that you do not pick them again. Add special characters for match types, copy for advertising campaigns, or send & store lists in your personal account and return to them later — all in a couple of clicks!

Use pre-made negative keyword lists

The NegativeKeywords Tool has 30+ standard negative keyword lists that are ready to be uploaded to your advertising account. They are available in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Russian. Pre-made lists allow you to exclude universal (countries, cities, curses) and thematic (computers, education, travel) negative keywords in a second.

Save your lists for the future

Sort your negative keywords into your own thematic or clients’ lists, and save them in your Komondor account. This will make it easy for you to find the negative keywords you used for a client last month or last year, so that you can reuse it for the same topic project!

Collect negative keywords from 10+ websites



To collect words on the page, just click on them — they will be immediately saved to the list and highlighted on the page. You can collect words and phrases from different pages and platforms

Works in 10+ platforms

Collect negative keywords and phrases from the search queries report in Google Ads, Keyword Planner, Yandex.Metrics or Direct, SEO and PPC tools. You can also add words collected earlier manually


Formalize words in the required format by just 1 click. Save them as a list with one word per line, or separate words by commas. Easily add special characters for any match type

How it works

Download the extension from the Google Store

Open the page you want to pick words from

Press Alt + S (Option + S) to start

Click on all the words you need

Select list formatting

Copy and use in your campaign!

Want to see how it works?

Book a demo, and we will show you how Komondor optimizes work on the online advertising

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