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What is Keyword Grouping Tool?

The Keyword Grouping Tool is Komondor’s tool for grouping keywords for PPC based on topic, frequency, priorities, etc.

Why is it needed?

Grouping usually takes a long time, especially if done manually.

Komondor’s Grouper automates this process and groups words by topic and frequency.

At the same time, you can set the priority of keywords from 1 to 10 (where 1 is the highest priority) in order to clarify the principle of grouping. For example, you have the keys “Alaska Water Delivery” and “Naiad Water Delivery”. If you want branded keywords to always fall into different groups, you need to set the same priority for them. Then the grouper will distribute them to different groups.

If the priority is the same, the grouping will be based on frequency.

If the priority is different, then the distribution takes into account more important and less important words. More on priority-based grouping read at the end of the post.

How does he work?

The service takes already collected keywords and their frequency; you can prioritize keywords. Priority indicates how to group keywords that are similar in topic and frequency. Once the groups are generated, you can set the match type you want (keywords will be enclosed in quotes or brackets) and download a ready-to-use list.

Instructions for using the tool

  • Since the grouper also works on the basis of frequency, it must first be obtained. If this is your first time creating a report for grouping, you need to go to the Keyword processor → Add your keywords to it → click on the “Get statistics” button.

  • When statistics are collected, you can go directly from the Processor to the Grouper.

If you already have a report with keywords and their frequency, open Komondor’s Grouper and select the required report from the Keyword Processor source.

  • Set the frequency and maximum number of words per group.

  • Set the priority of the words to be grouped. The highest priority is 1, the lowest is 10. The same priority can be specified for different words.
  • Click on the “Generate Groups” button.

  • Check the correct grouping. The group name is created from the highest frequency word in the group (it can be edited). If you want to move some word to another group, you can do this.

  • If you want to change the priority of words, click on “Report settings” and set the desired priority.
  • When the grouping is ready, click on “Download” and upload the keywords immediately in the desired match type!