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Komondor PPC Software

Komondor was born in 2019 in the advertising agency Penguin-team: first as a Google Chrome extension - NegativeKeywords Tool for collecting negative keywords, then a platform for finding keywords was added... By 2020, Komondor evolved and was released from the penguin's nest into the free life.

Komondor PPC Software is now an ever-growing set of PPC automation tools. It includes tools in your account & the extension for Google Chrome. All tools are developed by practising PPC specialists. Get to know them!

Our team

Meet the people behind Komondor PPC Software
Nick Skoropadsky
Founder • CEO
Denis Berezkin
Co-founder • СТО
Alyona Likhter
Product manager
Evgeny Doroshkevich
Product manager
Dmitry Grin
Front-end developer
Maria Tsyganok
Back-end developer
Alek Ilesh
Komondor's tools
NegativeKeywords Tool
to quickly pick negative keywords from the page and store your negative lists
Extension for Google Chrome
Pre-made lists in 3 languages (🇬🇧, 🇪🇸, 🇷🇺)
Keyword Grouping Tool
for automatic grouping of keywords by topic, frequency, and priority
Free without limits
Advanced algorithm for grouping
Page Speed Checker
Automatic and bulk check of page loading speed and availability
Bulk checks

Komondor's numbers

in PPC advertising
in the hub
for Google Chrome
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What our people say

I work in smb niche, so as it usually happens, I am responsible of a lot of staff at the same time. It's crucial for me to save as much time as possible. Komondor can't do things for me - but it can help me to do them faster. And it's already enough for a daily routine optimization!
Lars Myrray
In-house SEM specialist
I’m a huge fan of this guys! Negative keywords tool is literally the nerves saver. I don't do much of a negative keyword work day by day, and it still manages to save me at list a few hours per month. Great staff!
Rina Lewton
Digital marketing consultant
I found Komondor utterly by accident in some blog (i think) and now I just don't see how I worked without it all those years. I like its variety of tools - there're the most essential tools for PPC and no extra software for SEO or something. They keep it clean. Sure, I miss few staff in the toolkit, but even now it's really a must-have in paid search work.
Erik Micklson
Paid search specialist / Google Ads / Bing Ads
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